Technical Support

RJT Industries is here to help with technical support for our products.

RJT Industries offers our contractor and commercial customer’s technical support:
  • ENERGY STAR rating explanations when your customer requires this information
  • Our technical testing explanations for customers
  • Learn how our windows and doors are manufactured: We are pleased to offer Factory Tours at our Virginia locations


RJT Industries offers manufacturers’ warranties on OUR window and door products.

It is our goal to make sure every customer is satisfied.

Please contact us with any questions, problems or requests.


Your Competitive Edge

Sales Support

  • Factory tours give you an insight into our technologically-advanced manufacturing methods; plus, you’ll see all the features in our quality replacement windows and patio doors
  • Sales meetings provide information on new industry and product information, techniques for closing the sale, plus product details
  • The Web Center lets you specify, quote and order contractors’ windows and doors 24/7 via phone or computer.
  • Exceptional Sales and Marketing Support
  • Help is always available by e-mail or phone

Valuable Information

  • Assistance with technical measurements for contractors’ windows and doors
  • Design and code information (Note: code and engineering interpretations must be confirmed by the proper authorities in your locale)
  • Your choice of Delivery or Pick-Up from the location nearest you
  • Products are built for optimum performance in the VA, MD and D.C. area climate
  • All components are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Replacement windows, renovation products and patio doors are Made in America-Certified, which is great for our country — and great for sales

Services and Warranties

  • Our RJT-Earthwise™ brand products carry national warranties for your protection and your buyer’s comfort.
  • Certain RJT-Earthwise™ brand products carry a glass breakage warranty.
  • RJT Industries’ installation service is available to licensed contractors to expertly measure and professionally install your window projects for you. Please contact us for arrangements.

RJT Industries Develops New Production Machinery: The Frame Processing Center

RJT Industries had a unique idea to alter common saw machinery used for cutting window frames. Their idea would improve accuracy and dramatically increase production throughput. RJT Industries worked with a machine company in Ontario for several years to transform a lineal PVC cutting machine into the new, multi-functional Frame Processing Center.

The Frame Processing Center accurately performs numerous functions as two PVC profiles pass through the machine at once. This cuts production time in half. According to Mr. Kennel, the computerized equipment can be easily programmed to produce their range of styles and sizes of windows and patio doors. The Frame Processing Center not only creates accurate, finished profiles, it eliminates the problems of misalignment, errors, and spoilage. The new equipment is at least 50% faster than older methods.