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RJT Industries Windows and Doors was featured in a recent ABC news segment on U.S. manufacturing.

As this feature points out, despite the potential for recession, the outlook is still good if manufacturers can overcome the challenges of this post-Covid era.

To help us excel in our regional market, RJT has leaned heavily on the expertise and work environment built during 54 years of Kennel family ownership. Our company has invested heavily in both technology and team members through the years. We believe this preparation will help see us through any future economic downturn.

To revitalize our technology, we worked with an equipment manufacturer to develop a unique Frame

Processing Center. Today, we perform numerous manufacturing functions accurately in half the time it once took. However, this automation didn’t cause our company to cut jobs; on the contrary, RJT Industries has expanded our workforce. These improvements help us meet the increased demand for vinyl window and doors.

As you’ll see at the end of this news feature, RJT Industries has also built an employee-focused business. Our aim is to provide well-paying jobs in a great working environment. This effort has helped us attract a trained, diversified workforce of long-term employees.

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RJT Industries Develops New Production Machinery:

The Frame Processing Center

RJT Industries had a unique idea to alter common saw machinery used for cutting window frames. Their idea would improve accuracy and dramatically increase production throughput. RJT Industries worked with a machine company in Ontario for several years to transform a lineal PVC cutting machine into the new, multi-functional Frame Processing Center.

The Frame Processing Center accurately performs numerous functions as two PVC profiles pass through the machine at once. This cuts production time in half. According to Mr. Kennel, the computerized equipment can be easily programmed to produce their range of styles and sizes of windows and patio doors. The Frame Processing Center not only creates accurate, finished profiles, it eliminates the problems of misalignment, errors, and spoilage. The new equipment is at least 50% faster than older methods.