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RJT-Earthwise Windows & Doors are manufactured close to your home (Woodbridge, VA), engineered specifically for our local climate, and carry The “Made in USA – Certified” seal. Earthwise is the first windowand door manufacturer to be “Made in USA – Certified” . To earn this certification,  we went through a rigorous supply chain audit to ensure that at least 75 percent of the organization’s products and processes originate and are completed in the United States. We know that any company can say they are “Made in the USA”. We also know that when a company makes a statement, it needs to be able to back it up and stand behind those claims. That’s why we are “Made in USA-Certified”.                                                                                                   

To us, the certification is a testament to our commitment to manufacture high-quality windows and doors right here in the United States. We’re doing everything we can to preserve and create jobs for our neighbors while also investing in the U.S. economy. We’re also finding that today’s homeowners are more motivated than ever to buy American-made products, and they take pride in upgrading their homes with products that were manufactured in the U.S.A. Simply put, all of the members of The RJT-Earthwise Group manufacture our products and source our raw materials here in the U.S. because we feel passionately that it’s the right thing to do.